I’ve decided to overhaul my blog and have archived the last four years of content. I’m doing this for many reasons.

Getting Organized

My blog was a bunch of random thoughts, notes, weddings, and experiences. No real order or purpose. This new blog will be much more organized and consistent. When you come to my blog, I want you to be able to find what you’re looking for easily, and understand what my blog is about.

Weddings and Sessions will still be part of my posts, but I will also include behind the scenes, wedding advice, and photography tips. Plus I’ll have a #ThrowbackThursday once a month because I still love all my weddings and session from the last four years.

New Content

As I’m introducing modern portraiture to my business, I’ll be showing more behind the scenes, industry news, and my studio improvements once I move in. (Currently looking for the perfect location!)

New Beginning

I’ve also bought a new website, and I am going to use that one to focus on my personal life, motherhood, and everything that I go through to run a business while running a home. Hint: It’s not glamorous, but it’s my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Once I have that website up and running, I’ll do another introduction post.

I welcome you to follow me on this adventure! Thanks for reading!