It was 2016, and I needed to build some business up in Lexington. We had been living in Alabama for 18 months for my husbands job, and knew we’de be coming back to Kentucky soon. So, I designed a bridal session at The Livery. Sadly, The Livery had it’s last wedding season in 2019.

I tend to have a million ideas for any one photo shoot and need to be reminded to focus. My sister has always been my anchor, and she helped me with this session. A huge thank you to her, even three years later, because I would not have been able to create these images without her.

A special thank you to Canvas Event Furniture for providing the beautiful table and chair. I love this set up so much, and this photograph placed as a finalist in photo competition.

Victoria is so stunning! Everyone who sees her says they are remind of Marilyn Monroe. <3

Shout out to my friend Rachel Ruppel-Wolfe of Rachel’s Rose Garden. She’s an amazing florist and worth every penny.

Victoria’s look was done by the Instructors at Paul Mitchell The School Lexington. They truly are artists.

I’m still obsessed with these earrings. Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers have the best jewelry. I know you can’t see it here, but the earrings move fluidly. They are just so magical. <3

My general rule is that I have to show motion in your dress if at all possible. Nothing is better than a twirling bride.

One of my favorite set ups I’ve done is suspending roses all around Victoria. Funnily, her middle name is Rose, which I didn’t know until after this session. <3

I’ve noticed over the years that more and more clients are coming to me trusting me to design their bridal, glamour, and other sessions. I’m truly honored by that, and I think it started with this one.

What would your dream bridal session look like? Tell me in the comments!