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Luxury Wedding Photographer

What that means for you.

What is a luxury wedding photographer?

A Luxury Wedding Photographer, or High End Wedding Photographer, is someone who provides stunning photography, luxury fine art prints and albums, and an overall amazing experience for their couples. I am proud to say I am a luxury photographer who has dedicated years to my craft, education, and building a business designed to give you the very best.

Why should I hire a luxury photographer?
Knowledge of Light

First and foremost, you can’t have photography without light, and the best photographers are obsessed with light. We look for it everywhere. We notice it when we aren’t working, experiment with it to improve our work, and learn the science of light so we can better understand our craft.

We understand how to use shadow as well as color in light because not all light is the same. Daylight looks blue compared to indoor tungsten lighting for example. We can use this to our advantage, like this photograph of the wedding rings. I placed the rings on a piano by a window. The daylight from the window is the main light source and adds a blue tone to the piano’s surface. The tungsten lamps in the room are reflecting warm light in the rings. The result is beautiful with complimentary colors which draws in the eye and adds a lot of interest in the diamond.

A luxury wedding photographer can walk into a room and find the best light or create it with their equipment. No four walls can limit a great photographer. Which means when you hire a luxury wedding photographer, you’re hiring someone who can find the best light which means better photos for your wedding.

Knowledge of Posing

This one is crucial. Pose has become somehwat of a “four-letter-word” in many photography circles as well as with clients. However, if your photographer understands proper posing techniques, they can work wonders. Luxury photographers know this, and this is really what sets most of them apart. With just a few small adjustments, you can go from “nice” to “exquisite”. It doesn’t take much and the results are amazing.

When you hire me, you are hiring a luxury wedding photographer who understands how to make slight adjustments to make you look your best.

Getting that Connection

Luxury photographers have learned how to pull authentic emotion from their clients. We have tricks up our sleeve to make you laugh or make you slow down and be in the moment. How do we make couples in a photograph “feel” connected? Connected to each other and to the camera. Body language and facial expression are key. Eyes are incredibly important when making a connection to the camera as well. Understanding the nuances of human expression is crucial in great portraiture, and a skill luxury wedding photographers have.

Knowledge of composition

A professional photographer has taken the time to understand composition to bring the focus into the subject and/or create interesting scenes and artful pieces for your wedding. Rule of thirds, golden ratio, leading lines, curves, triangles, symmetry, asymmetry, etc. are all a part of composition. One of my favorites is negative space.

The photograph below is a great example. During the getting ready portion of the day, I captured the bride in the mirror with negative space on the left. The mirror acts as a frame, and I also caught a glimpse of the dress in the beveled part of the mirror as well. Adding to the story telling of the photograph.


Yes, there is an argument that a great photographer with a bottom of the line camera could outperform a beginner photographer with a professional camera. However, professionals don’t like leaving things to chance and tend to go higher end in equipment for that peace of mind and get the quality their looking for. Higher end cameras have two card slots which means we automatically have a backup to the wedding photos in case one card fails. We have lights that continuously give the same output so we’re not fighting with color or exposure in post processing. We have top of the line lenses that we trust to get the job done. On average, professionals can bring between $10,000-$25,000 worth of equipment to a wedding.

Hiring a Luxury Wedding Photographer

When you hire a luxury wedding photographer, you’re hiring someone who has invested a lot of time in their craft and is dedicated to creating beautiful images for you.

If you’d like me to photograph your day, I would be honored to hear from you. Send me a message to get started.

If you’d like to see more, view my wedding photography.

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